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Lafayette 's Joey Durel high tech lynching of 3 African American Board Members

Racism Alive and Well in Lafayette, LA

LHA Board members

Despite the fact that 3 LHA Board members have been fighting to stay on the board, City-Parish President Joey Durel continues to pull out all stops in trying discredit the three.

State District Judge Ed Rubin recently reinstated dismissed Lafayette Housing Authority board commissioners Joe Dennis, John Freeman and Leon Simmons. While City-Parish President Joey Durel had the authority to remove the board members in light of the troublesome 2009 audit, Rubin found, his decision to retain senior commissioner Donald Fuselier constitutes an arbitrary and capricious action.

Many in the African American community in Lafayette, has come to believe that racism from the beginning has played a major role in the removal of the three board members. Durel dislike of former Lafayette City-Parish Councilman Chris Williams who worked for the the housing board at one time is the prime catalyst in the drive to removed these board members.

Other key players are State Rep. Rickey Hardy who has sponsored anti sagging, drug dealers license plates & other ridiculous, self hating laws that set blacks back another hundred years. Mr. Hardy has turned his back on African Americans in his community and has decided to serve his sensational headlines grabbing, Noose Law (a.ka. "Free the Jena 6") old age / mandatory retirement law and many more to come.

Joey has a real plantation negro in the form of Hardy, who has a little token power to make trouble for some blacks who happens to get on the wrong side of the powers that be in Lafayette. Chris Williams should be commended for standing up to the powers that be (Joyey Durel) and the token power (Ricky Hardy). But the the real power lies in each African American in the community that says enough is a enough as it pertains to these three board members. If you, in  the African American coummunity want to do something, call, write or voice your opinion. Do Not Be Afaid!